For over seventeen years I have transformed used books into sculptures through a wide range of artistic approaches. Working with the nature of the books that I find, I’m interested in delving into the internal landscapes of books to create new narratives.

Giving new life to the old, I have high-fired books in kilns with no clay intervention to create “Fossilized” Book Remnants. I have soaked, dried and screwed books together into tree-like forms for my Volumes Series 2001, and I’ve immersed books in inks and re-scrambled the books’ components to create book sculptures that tell a new story.

More info:

Anthologia 2007

Transformed literary Asian texts.

Vascellum 2012

Transformed graphic design books with encyclopedic covers.

Flutter 2007

Devotion series

Nous Detail 2014

Manipulated philosophy book. Made with ink and graphite.

Lorem Ipsum III

A reworking of the book “The Ten Bamboo Studio” Chinese masterpiece woodcuts.

Crescere 2013

Manipulated book components, encyclopedias made with inks.

Made In China Series 2012 – Present

Made In China Detail 2012

Ode To Anselm 2013

Manipulated book components.

Made In China Series 2012

Lorem Ipsum II 2010

Manipulated Asian literary texts with hand-stitched surface elements and splashed sumi-e ink.

Endoskeleton 2000

Fired book

Unfurled 2007

Manipulated book components.

Bookmark Slice 2001

Soaked, dried, scraped, reformulated book components.

Cube 2001

Soaked, dried, scraped, manipulated book components.

Lorem Ipsum III  2010-2012

Summer reading series.

Made In China Series 2012

Book Of R’s 2001

Manipulated book components.

Artist Holding Nous 2014

Transformed philosophy book.