I make intricate shadow boxes from paper and glue. I am primarily a pen and ink artist and delving into paper sculpture was a way of using light and shadows to give intricate 2D shapes depth and breadth.

The central theme in my art is growth: the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth. I feel, as a being on this earth, that I am constantly shedding old skins and crawling into new ones. I have so many knots to untangle in my past, yet I also have so many chapters to create in my future. In this very present, right at this moment, I possess a depth of stories from past lives and also the potentiality of future selves waiting to be born. I want to express that pain is part of change and integral to evolution. Some of my characters are in flames or being consumed and others are in hibernation, dormant, pregnant, or birthing. Yet, regardless, they all manage to change, sprout, burst out of previous shells into a plethora of new beings. They are constantly in motion, coming into being. The many figures in my art are in a way all facets of one being, which is a psyche that is constantly changing.

More info: atlantisdreaming.org