The main difference between traditional and digital art is that there is no “undo” button especially when it comes to watercolor. I have started my watercolor journey just 6 months ago. For my very first painting, I used some 6 colors watercolor set which you can find in any supermarket’s crafts section. And I didn’t even know the difference between professional watercolor paper and paper I could buy in a supermarket.

But painting animals doesn’t feel like creating a decent looking painting out of its reference. It’s about sharing a mood and building character’s personality. And of course, every animal is like my own pet and I wanted only the best for them. So a couple of moths ago I finally purchased my first professional block of watercolor paper and a decent set of watercolors. And I was surprised how important tools are. Proper tools give you +10 (or 100!) to your skills! You can save on brushes, even on paints but never try to save on paper! It does make a difference.

Since I don’t dare to call myself a professional yet. I always paint on a smaller sheet of paper first and then I make a larger and better-looking version of the painting.

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