Bored Panda is seeking proactive, ambitious, and hard-working interns for our panda team in Vilnius!
Every day, the Bored Panda team creates some beautiful and interesting posts called lists, where you can see things like 20+ most beautiful forests or greatest parenting illustrations. We’re looking for someone who will browse the world wide web, search for viral images, and come up with ideas for these amazing lists we do at Bored Panda. By helping our team, you might even become a list maker yourself!


– You need to live and breathe the internet, and you need to feel at home online;
– Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop;
– Lots of enthusiasm for a variety of subjects, such as art, design and animals;
– Experience with an array of social media platforms, including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest;

Compensation: 300 (EUR) after taxes.

What monthly salary, after taxes, would you like to receive? (in Euros)

Are you looking for full-time (9 to 6) or part-time work?

 Full time Part-time