Edy Sarat started drawing at the age of seven. He graduated from art school and has since developed a unique painting style characterized by the use of bursting colors and geometric shapes. Edy defines himself as an independent artist who is constantly looking for opportunities that allow him to do the one thing he loves the most – painting. In the future he would like to continue studying art and improve his skills abroad.

“Life is too big for the human being who is looking for pretexts every hour and every moment, loses hope and trust in his neighbor, always looking for the wellbeing of himself, forgets the others, loses faith in his creator and creates barriers in order to differentiate and define his social bonds.

He is forgetting his roots, who he is and where he comes from. Life is a way full of flowers, but also full of stones. There are good and bad moments, smiles and tears, but step by step we will overcome the difficulties.

Live to somehow leave your footprint in this world. Just live.”

More info: see-the-big-picture.com