Romania has the largest ancient woodland in the whole of Europe. In this vast undisturbed wilderness there are still the wild animals that have gone extinct across the rest of the continent. Bears, wolves and lynx still make their home in the forest. For this reason Romania is rapidly becoming a hotspot destination for people that love wildlife. It is possible to go on tours and see all sorts of animals in their beautiful wild habitats.

In the Pădurea Bogății forest reserve, around 50 km north of Brasov in central Transylvania there is the famous Libearty bear sanctuary where previously captive bears go to recover. They just got a worried phone call from forest rangers. There were lone bear cubs out in the forest crying for help. Research was done and the situation was monitored for days. The worse event possible had happened. Illegal hunters had shot the mother leaving the cubs all alone. Without help they would soon die so the rangers brought them back to the sanctuary to be looked after.

The babies are fed regularly and may be released when thy are older.

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