Growing up many of us dreamed to be treasure hunters, or at least to find a box full of fortune in our backyard. Even though most of us didn’t succeed, there is still a small part of us that wishes we might find something peculiar some day.

Well, one man took the Internet to share some pictures of a mysterious hole that he found in the middle of his backyard. After taking a closer look he soon realized there is a layer of bricks inside the hole so he quickly started digging. At first, he couldn’t understand what it is, but then the hole turned out to be an actual 4 feet wide chamber. So, he took some pictures and shared them online asking people, what this mysterious chamber might be? Does it have an interesting story behind it? Maybe, it’s an old teleportation chamber used by witches? Should he be worried? The one thing he found there was a small button, but it didn’t help to answer the main question – what is this chamber?

Soon enough the Internet came to the rescue, but the answer was probably not what he wished it would be. I guess it’s time to move to another mysterious hole because this one is rather… crappy.

Scroll down to find out what was actually hiding in that peculiar hole!

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Recently, one man took social media to share a mysterious hole he has found near his house

So, he posted the pictures of his peculiar find asking for help to find out what it is

At first, it seemed to be an ordinary hole but something seemed suspicious

So he started digging and saw an entire layer of bricks

They even found a large stone stopper inside the hole

It soon became an archeological site

“Small metal button found in the hole”

The hole was actually 4 feet wide chamber

“A pipe seemingly going to the chamber from the direction of the house”

After digging for a while they finally reached the bottom of the chamber

“Some items retrieved from the chamber”

So, without hesitation, he posted these images online asking what this mysterious hole might be hiding?

And unfortunately, he received an answer he was probably not expecting…

What do you think it might be? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!