Online dating can be a very tricky ordeal. From misleading photos to dealing with complete idiots or rude people, there are hundreds of hoops one needs to jump through to find someone right for them. Unfortunately, as promising as some conversations might be, often people leave each other on read without giving much of an explanation. Guess that could be considered a milder form of ghosting⁠—after all, the relationships aren’t exactly established yet if two people are only communicating through texts, right?

Well, one woman decided to do something fun about situations like this. After spending some time in self-isolation and getting quite bored, Hannah decided to create a survey for all those people who left her on read and send it out to them. Pretty genius!

The survey included such questions as “how would you rate your overall experience communicating with Hannah” and “if you followed me on Instagram, was there something that discouraged you from continuing conversation with Hannah?” And the possible answers she offered were quite funny, too.

Bored Panda reached out to Hannah for some additional information and she gladly provided some commentary. “25, recently out of a long term relationship and looking for someone who can hold a conversation for at least 15 minutes before they ask me for my Snapchat so they can send me a dick pic at minute 16,” the woman said. “This has turned into me being a little jaded about the process and started kind of messing with guys online who seemed to ignore my direct words I was looking for a relationship”.

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Not having much to do while in quarantine, Hannah shared her survey on Twitter

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When asked how did she come up with the idea of a survey, Hannah revealed that her sister was the co-creator of it and gave a little story about it:

“My sister and I are both on dating apps and she is having the same bad experiences as me. Typically we talk to a man for a few days and then they lose interest or start taking longer and longer to reply. When matching on a dating app, you clearly are attractive to the other person so the issue in things not going well is going to be from personality differences. Being two perfect women with no personality flaws whatsoever we were puzzled by this. I had recently gone on a date with someone at least two points below me on the hot scale. I had showed up to his apartment to watch something on TV which was an interesting date idea on his part but i arrived to an apartment without a TV or working WiFi to stream it on a computer. I laughed at all of his jokes and was polite despite my fear of him really enticing me to his nearly empty apartment to turn my skin into a lampshade. In the end, he was the one who didn’t ask me out again after. Furious and confused, we created the exit interview together”.

“I have only received three replies so far which is disappointing to say the least,” the woman revealed. “I sent it first to “Guy who didn’t realize he didn’t own a tv” and he refused to take it,” Hannah went on, “I took this as his possibly still being interested in me and as a person desperate for any attention, continued talking to him until he stopped replying”. Despite this occurrence, however, it seemed like hope was just around the corner for Hannah:

“The next morning I woke up Empowered by my new feminist approach to telling men where they can shove it via a Google Form, I sent it to Ed who had stopped only 10 hours earlier. He was thoroughly confused as he had not lost interest, he just lives in the real world and not on his phone more frequently than I do. He filled out the survey. His answer was the reply saying he was sorry and he would try to learn my communication preferences. We’re going out in a few days”.

Other than Ed’s message, it seems like Hannah received two types of responses from her correspondents:

“Outside of Ed the gentleman, receiving the survey has either 1) really pissed people off or 2) reignites their interest in me. Several men have read it and responded saying they thought I was really funny and then tried to keep talking to me. By this point they are dead to me and I reply politely but keep nudging for them to fill it out. They don’t. Filling it out is accepting defeat with someone they now realize if they had tried a little harder with, could be making them laugh while I cook for them in my underwear or whatever men on dating sites think relationships are like.”

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Here’s how people reacted to the survey

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