Consumerism nowadays means that we have stopped having a relationship with objects we own. Two generations ago, our grandparents used to cherish the fine china plates and crystal wine glasses, they had cupboards made just for them.

Today it seems, the motto goes more like “I wan’t to pay as little as possible for a modern and hip design object”. With this kind of an attitude, we are slowly loosing the ability to form any kind of a relationship with the objects we own.

Why should you (we) even do that, you ask? Well, first of all, respect and caring starts with the smallest of things. Being able to respect a piece of pottery means that you respect the artist that made it, as well as yourself. And I know it seems banal and somewhat artsy or even a bit new-age, but handmade pottery really has a unique and positive vibe to it. Eating or drinking from a piece that was handmade, from start to finish, differs in every aspect. The whole experience is just different. More positive. We eat with our mouths, noses and eyes, and we should always keep that in mind.

So, my mission, with my pottery, is to awaken my fellow Slovenians, women and man! (as I know it’s somewhat easier to start at home) to this experience and to understanding that having a relationship with their pottery is going to improve their daily meals, actually turning them into daily rituals.

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White coffee mugs (Foto by Masa Pirc)

White coffee mug (Foto by Dolores NO)

Green salad bowl (Foto by Dolores NO)

White coffee mug and wooden plate (Foto by Dolores NO)

White coffee mug (Foto by Dolores NO)

Dasa Kogoj (me) in my workshop (Foto by Sonja Ravbar)

Dasa Kogoj at the wheel, trimming (Foto by Sonja Ravbar)

Blue-gray soup plate (photo by Manca Jevscek)

White salad bowl (photo by Manca Jevscek)

White plate (photo by Manca Jevscek)

White coffee mug “in the woods” (Foto by Dolores NO)

White small serving pan (Foto by Dolores NO)

Dasa Kogoj at Ljubljana ART Market fair (Foto by Andrej Hribovsek)

Green big serving pan (Foto by Dolores NO)

White coffee mug and white breakfast muslie bowl (Foto by Dolores NO)