Apparently, kids these days know little about the hardships of life. And one is still as vivid as if it happened yesterday. You see, back in the day, people had to cook a hard-boiled egg for a computer mouse every single week in order to scroll up and down that screen. Don’t ask me if it’s true or false, just follow this Twitter thread to see where it takes us.

After getting better with every comment, the hack has evolved into an unpolished gem of boomer comedy. Let’s see what the old-timers had to say about these “ah, good ol’ days” down below.

If you’re confused, remember that so are the hundreds of youngsters who legitimately can’t wrap their heads around it.

When someone pointed out this hardship hack on Twitter, everyone got on board to add some fire to the joke

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And the trolls started pouring in

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Bored Panda contacted Aram Bartholl, a German artist working with the themes of surveillance, data privacy, technology, and the absurdity of digital lives, to find out what exactly the egg and computer mouse meme says about our society. Check out Aram’s work on his website.

Aram felt strongly positive about the prank: “I think this is a very beautiful prank compared to usual memes and jokes. The lookalike of the classic mouse ball and the egg yolk is indeed very striking,” he told us. “This joke plays with the uncertainty of the younger audience, who cannot really tell if it is true or not.”

Young people just couldn’t wrap their heads around it

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The artist believes that this case isn’t really about a clash between generations, but rather it shows the gap of knowledge. “Of course, back in the day, one had to invest a lot of time to get a computer to work or just to connect to the internet. There is all this weird old technology which is hard to get a grasp on today,” he explained. “Yes, you had to clean your mouse ball once in a while, it was always dirty and dusty.” In this sense, the prank does really sound a lot like truth.

Social media is so prominent and fast today that all the seemingly nonsensical ideas spread real fast. “All you need is a good picture and a good story.” Aram gave us an example: “I have one for you. Back in the day, the computer’s CPU was cooled with coffee! All you had to do was place your cup on the CPU and start up the computer. Always hot coffee!”

But everyone kept on trolling like there’s no tomorrow

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After all these comments, youngsters were left baffled by whether it’s all a meme or not

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