The Envelope Project began with a recent estate sale find. I found a $3.00 basket brimming with vintage postage stamps and canceled envelopes. The envelopes told touching stories of connection between soldiers and sweethearts at home, relatives and distant family, best friends.

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I am an artist and collector of all things vintage. I began to draw images and words on the envelopes, incorporating the original stamps and markings.

Creating art out of these ordinary papers gave me a way to preserve a dying form of communication in this digital age. The letter writers, their stories, and words are given new life through the art. I wanted to bring attention to the power and beauty of words on paper.

Most of my adult life I’ve been fortunate to be a working artist. Today I create mixed media art that I sell through my website, galleries, art shows. My images are licensed to gift and needlework manufacturers.

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