Hello, pandas! My name is Rita and here is my story:

I got the idea to craft dreamcatchers just a couple of months ago. I was browsing Instagram, going through all those pretty snaps with bohemian and hippie interiors when I got jealous and inspired. Then I simply googled “how to make a dreamcatcher” and that was it!

I grabbed all supplies needed and made the first dreamcatcher for my bedroom, then another for my home office, one for my mom and one for my son. I loved them a lot, thus, I decided that other people might like them too. Here’s how Mermaid dreamcacher was born and put on Etsy. I sold it in a week and had to ship it to Australia! I believed this was a good start for me, therefore, I keep on creating more dreamcatchers everyday.

More info: icatchurdream.etsy.com


Mermaid dreamcatcher

Widow got diamonds

The peach


Amber Heart

Roses Plum