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We Combine Photography With Illustration To Create Surreal Images
User submission
Architecture, Digital Art6 years ago

We Combine Photography With Illustration To Create Surreal Images

Contamination is a project born of the mutual admiration of two artists from different fields such as illustration and photography.

For quite some time we were giving each other feedback and appreciation to our projects, and I think it came very naturally that we started to speak about doing something together. We just basically took advantage of the era we live in, that offers you the chance to discover, communicate and interact with people with similar interests.

Andrés is a Spanish photographer living in Estonia currently. His main field is fine art architecture photography, with a peculiar interest in geometry. I personally specialize in moiré illustrations, mainly animals.

So the challenge was obvious. How to integrate my moiré illustrations into his photographs. But I must say that we both had a very similar clear vision of the outcome of this collaboration, and we sincerely believe that the result of this project is very fulfilling.

When starting a collaboration with a person you never actually met, everything is a mistery, specially at the beginning. You can’t be sure that the other person behind the art you follow will be easy to work with, that the communication will flow, or that each other’s tempos will match. But in this case, everything was smooth and we were patient enough to make it work. And we are already feeling we should do something together soon.

More info:

Photography: Andrés Gallardo Albajar
Illustration: Andrea Minini


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