We are two artists from Lithuania and call ourselves Shroom in the Room. We make night lamps out of glowing crystals and stabilized moss. Our creations look truly unique, almost otherworldly. This is how the idea to pretend to fly to the outer space and harvest the lamps came to life.

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This is a documentation of our journey to unknown planets and the process of lamp harvesting

This is me on one of the planets which, supposedly, orbits a binary star system. You can see some glowing selenite sticks just at my feet

It took a while, but I carried out a gas and atmosphere analysis. It was safe to remove my helmet

My newest harvest – Selenite lamp. Its official name is “Forest of Solitude”

We use white concrete for the base

A crazy crystal close-up

The lamps are perfect for kid’s rooms

All-natural fluorite octahedrons

All lamps are plugged in with a USB port. This one is sitting on a shelf, being powered up by a power bank

All-natural amethyst crystals

This is my husband. He travels to a bit more harsh environments. Such as this moon

It’s him, harvesting the all-time-classic glowing white quartz. Please notice the “Shroom in the Room” badge on his shoulder

White quartz, buried in a deep blue moss. Natural concrete base

Pitch black concrete base

Blood red moss

Selenite close-up

Just like lava

Green Fluorite. This one is called “Sulphur Cloud”

This is the magic box our lamps travel in

The whole lot

It was a lovely walk. Thank you!