Kids can be the most annoying creatures on this planet but they also do the coolest things. There’s something about these little beings that have the biggest imagination and can do the most absurd things that us grown-ups often forget about. Being able to spend your days doing the most random things is the biggest joy that children get to experience and seeing them playing freely is something that sparks a sentimental feeling in many of us. Despite these adorable feelings that children evoke, they sometimes do the most random things and are impossible not to laugh at, for example, training your bird to attack people.

A Twitter user recently shared a video of his niece and her bird

With 1.6 million likes and 511k retweets, the video of this cool girl looking like a super villain quickly went viral. The majority of people were terrified and amused at the same time. It’s safe to say she could definitely star in a superhero movie.

People were really amazed by this little girl but also quite scared