Some of you may know us from our previous work: dolls and fantasy creatures.

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This time we deal with some creatures from the deep ocean: fish and seahorses! Some of them are cute, some of them are creepy and scary.

These figurines/Art-Toys were made by us - Katyushka Art Dolls. The prototype was sculptured in a polymer clay (super sculpey). Then silicone mold was prepared and multiple castings were performed. Each fish was hand painted and finished to get realistic effect.


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#1 Baby-shark


KatyushkaDolls Report

SuicidalSylveon 1 year ago

It so cute I can just squish is wittle face

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#3 Goldfish


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Jazlyn J. 1 year ago

it makes me go aww.... those large sad eyes <3 <3 It's amazing

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#4 Emre The Albino

Emre The Albino

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Karnelia 1 year ago

Love the arrogant look :D

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#6 Dory


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Mady Rada 1 year ago

nice Buddha impression there (lower lip to fins)

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#8 Red Bored Seahorse

Red Bored Seahorse

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Melody Lanzatella 1 year ago

Artist is SO GREAT at creating the expressions, and indeed the entire character of these critters! When I see each one, I immediately can hear what kind of voice they would have and their manner of speaking!

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#9 Ginter


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Tracey Martens 1 year ago

The detail is incredible.

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#10 Kryspin


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Tom Jones 1 year ago

I would love to have this fishbowl on my desk.

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