March 12th marks the day to remember one of the greatest film makers that have walked this Earth, Alfred Hitchcock. It’s one of those times when people all around the world wish to pay a tribute in the best way they can.

Romanian Art Director and Graphic Designer Eduard Cirstea, known for this negative space work, created three movie posters of some of the most iconic films brought to life by Hitchcock.

Remaking movie posters is quite a challenge for any designer. Freshness and originality are a must if you want your work to be noticed. Eduard remained loyal to his style and created three posters that really trigger the enthusiasm of your inner cinephile.

Thank you Alfred Hitchcock for being an inspiration! This is for you.

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Psycho Movie Poster

Vertigo Movie Poster

The Birds Movie Poster

Psycho Framed

Vertigo Framed

The Birds Framed