I‘ve been needle felting for around 6 years now. One of the first animals I tried to make was a little mouse. Since then I’ve made literally hundreds of felted mice in all colours, shapes, and sizes!

I thought it would be fun to dress some up as famous characters. I sewed the outfits from bits of scrap fabric, and sculpted tiny accessories from clay.

I’m fairly new at photography but I enjoy photographing the mice all dressed up, and sometimes I set them in different scenes to produce whimsical artwork. I really hope you enjoy seeing these little guys! Thank you for reading.

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Terminator mouse

Little Billie

The Mousetrix

Any Winemouse

Marlin Mouseroe

President mouse

Batmouse and Robin

Marie Mousetoinette


Mouse Judy

Little Mouse on the Prairie


The Great British Mouse Off

Freddie Mousecury

The little mouse Ariel

Little red riding mouse

Captain mouse

Making of