I’m a fine art landscape and conceptual photographer. In this series called “Stories of the forests” that now has over 50 photos and goes on for over 3 years I’m trying to recreate that magic land where all the stories of my childhood took place. I grew up in my grandmother’s house and she used to tell me old stories about creatures of the forest and all the magic that happens in the forest when you’re not looking. Have you ever walked into the forest and heard a noise but when you turned your head nothing was there… well something was there. You just didn’t see it!

My photos are not meant to present reality but a different world: something that is not seen by everybody. This world is seen only by few and only in certain moments. My photos present a fairy tale land that overlaps the real forest and exist at the same time. This is only the gap between worlds and currently I’m working on another two series on the same theme: “Creatures of the forests” and “Mirrors of the forests”. Hope you’ll enjoy these few photos from this series.

More info: tomabonciu.com