The National Geographic has always been a showcase for the world's most evocative photography, and its prestigious annual competitions never fail to attract the most talented photographers from around the globe.

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The 2016 Travel Photographer Of The Year Competition is no exception, and as you can see from the selection of pictures below, this year's judges have no easy task in choosing a winner from these amazing entries.

The Grand Prize on offer is a 7-day Polar Bear Safari for two (including airfare) at Churchill Wild-Seal River Heritage Lodge in Manitoba, Canada. But the real prize of course is simply being named National Geographic's Travel Photographer of the Year. The competition ends on May 27 so you've still got time to enter. So what are you waiting for? Grab your camera and get out there!

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#12 Childhood, China

Childhood, China

Wing Ka H Report

Louann Chapman 2 years ago

I cannot even begin to relate to living like this!

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#14 Misty At Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Misty At Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Achmad Sumawijaya Report

Daria B 2 years ago

Looks a bit like ancient east Asian paintings.

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#16 Havanna, Cuba

Havanna, Cuba

Toni Wallachy Report

Frimpong Poku-Dankwa 2 years ago

That car reminds me of the Coca Cola branding!

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#19 Children With Painted Face, Ethiopia

Children With Painted Face, Ethiopia

Massimo Rumi Report

Trina Risos 2 years ago

It takes a great eye to capture this moment.

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