My name is Katarina Blazhievskaya (La Katarina) and I am happy to introduce my art here. My work tools are Photoshop and dreams. I like everything that is connected with mysticism, imagination, and magic, they are all very esoteric to me.

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During the processing phase, I try to plunge into some kind of meditation, undistracted from other ideas and problems. This is how they turn out, and I sincerely hope that it is something interesting!

#2 Red And Black

Red And Black


TravelAgent Lifestyle 11 months ago

This is super cool, did you use satin images and brushes in Photoshop. I really love this.

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#6 Like A Buddha

Like A Buddha


Caine Quicksilver 11 months ago

Just an image i wanted to see . great

#8 Chakras



Matthias Hölzemer 11 months ago

Fine Art in perfection! Thanks!

#10 Cold



Matthias Hölzemer 11 months ago

great composing