Yesterday I visited my friend and showed him how many reactions my first article on Bored Panda got. He was really impressed and asked me if I could post an article about his artwork.

My friend has schizophrenia and suffers from psychosis. He stayed in a mental institution for over 16 years, but since 2015, he lives on his own under the guidance of a psychiatrist and two social workers.

When he is in a psychotic state he makes really intense black & white paintings of his inner demons. He calls his work “Painted Pain” and most of his artworks show screaming or frightened faces.

His work has a small cult following because he performed as a vocalist for the band Stalaggh. This band asked mental patients from a mental institution to do the “vocals.” All patients gave their full permission. Stalaggh also used one of his paintings as cover artwork for their “Pure Misanthropia” album. This resulted in several fans of this band having tattoos of his artwork!

My friend does not have a computer, it gives him too much stress, but I will certainly show him the reactions his artwork gets. He would like to remain anonymous.

You can see more of his work on this Instagram page, made by a Stalaggh fan as a tribute to his artwork.

More info: Instagram

Cover artwork of the “Pure Misanthropia” album by Stalaggh

Video of Stalaggh’s “Pure Misanthropia” album, listen with care! Very extreme music!

Tattoo on the upper arm of a fan

Tattoo on the hand of fan

Tattoo on the arm of a fan

Tattoo on the leg of a fan