I went to Amboli for a 3-day macro photography tour with my camera – Nikon Coolpix B500. It’s not a DSLR with huge prime and macro lenses; but I’m very happy with it. It has so far given me good quality images and is great for shooting videos as well.

Amboli is an amazing hill station, located at an altitude of 690m, in southern Maharashtra. Rightly called as the Cherapunji of Maharashtra, it is the wettest region in Maharashtra with an average rainfall of almost 7m per year. It is recognised as one of world’s ‘Eco Hot-Spots’ because of the rich variety of flora and fauna found there.

I had an amazing time photographing and vlogging about creatures I once used to fear! My trip to Amboli not only helped me improve my photography skills, but also enabled me to make friends with animals I always used to fear. Thank you Amboli :)

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Day 01’s Vlog

Day 02’s Vlog

Day 03’s Vlog

Amboli Toad

Weaver Ant (Queen)

Bombay Bush Frog


Boulenger’s Indian Gecko

Malabar Gliding Frog

Green Huntsman Spider

Hunstman Spider


Tortoise Shell Beetle

Malabar Pit Viper