I am a fine art portrait photographer in central Vermont. I’ve been practicing the freelensing technique avidly for the last year. If you’re not already familiar with it, freelensing is a method where you hold your lens unattached in front of your camera to take the photo. When done properly it changes the focal plane of your image and adds amazing depth of focus to unusual places.

People most commonly use 50mm lenses for this but I always use my 135mm f2 L Lens. It’s very challenging and can be dangerous for your equipment but I’m in love with getting such magical and nostalgic feeling images in camera prior to any editing.

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This Moment


Cold Spring


Goodbye Fall

Quiet Forest

In The Orchard

Pumpkin Patch

Woodland Warrior

Central Park Stroll

Along The Fence

Tree Climber


Central Park Musician

Burton Island