did you know you can grow all this food in a suburban backyard? in Melbourne?

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Pumkin harvest

how many pumkins do you recognise? (ok so the big one n the middle is a water mellon)

Lime flowers

French pimkin

lemon cucumber

Lemon Cucumber

Sweet and Stripped Cucumber

Butternit (Queensland blue in the background)

Scotch Bonnet

Black Capsicum

very peppery

Frensh and acian Radish

Black Crim Tomatoe

the big tomatoe harvet

naked butternut

Queenslanf Bluye

a mix of chillies

little potatoe cucumber

red & cocktail onions

watermellon Radish

mixed harvest

eough to last a month

1.5 kilo beetroot

pease and some pease

Turks Turban pumkin


lime and chilli nothing better

Kohl Rabi leaf

great as a steamed green

blood chillis

Turks Turban


Kohl Rabi


purple spring onion

radish and chillis

lemon ciucumber


French pumkin


Balls…… i ment Queensland blue

January King Cabbage

Black pepper

bell pepper

the big chilli harvest

purple pepper

chilli watermellon?

mini water mellon

pueple carrot

gient russian garlic flower

drangon carrots

lebonese and lemon cucumber

Kohl Rabi and russian Garlick

Trumbone zuccini

caper flower

purple and fat barsted Asparigus