My name is Joachim West. I’m a very fine artist and I’ve recently fallen in love with photography, bought a new camera and just got back from a trek around Europe.

Unfortunately, it seems that my friends may be a bit distracted and since they keep posting about Pokémon Go, I’m going to assume that it’s because they are too busy playing Pokémon Go and not because I’m new to photography and other people’s vacation photos can be a bit boring! Shhhh!!

So, I spruced my photos up a bit to make them more palatable to my friends and I posted them here with the hopes that maybe you all will enjoy them and maybe I’ll even make some more friends. #pokemongocheckoutmyphotos

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I’m Cooking Slow Poke Valencian Paella

Haunted Spanish Cemetary

Barcelonian Keldeo

Antwerpen Punks and Pidgey Hanging out at the Library

French Meowth

Belgian Pikachu

French rattata