Living in Milan, you often see tourists of one day. They notice a place, make a smile for the camera and that’s the moment when “meeting with the city” is over.

Try at least once to imagine what if you were born in this place? How would you dress, where would you buy food, how would you spend your days? Listen to the music of the bells in the cathedrals, to echoing steps in the alleys; take the tram, which has not changed here since the 30s. Talk to the city, and it will hear you, it’ll answer all your questions you care about. It will open to you truly.

“I believe that art is about sincerity. Art should speak to your emotions, feelings, but not address to the intellect. In my watercolours, I want to tell you, how I feel good in this city, how cosy it’s here. To show you the way I find inspiration in Milan’s architecture and how this city is not accidental for me” – claims the artist Viktoria Kravchenko.

Make a visit to Milan, not like many people does for shopping, but try to understand it, listen to its rhythm. Milan is not a passionate love, which makes you lose your head, but the state of mind when you are extremely happy and calm at the same time. And I’m in love how my friend presented this feeling in her watercolours.

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Through the arch on the Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan, Italy

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Italy

Santa Maria del Carmine, Milan, Italy

Duomo di Milano in the frame of buildings, Milan, Italy

Colonne di San Lorenzo, Milan, Italy

Tram number 2, Milan, Italy