Tam Coc is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam. It is also known as Halong Bay on land with a massive system of caves and limestone mountains jutting out of the water. This place also has an array of historical relics dating back to the 13th century. Tam Coc is only a short hop from Hanoi with about 2-hour ride. It is advisable for you to visit Tam Coc early in the morning for cooler weather.

Tam Coc is a river complex surrounded by mountains, majestic limestone caves. I arrived early in the morning and try to reach the peak. What lied in front of me is a commanding view of the whole region: The rainbow over the mountain peaks as the sun rises, a carpet of golden rice fields under the valley, the small boats on the river, … the landscape is extremely impressive.

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The rainbow on the mountain peaks as the sun rises

Climbing is a fun experience, from the top of the mountain you can see the whole space here

Panorama of Tam Coc

Limestone cave in Tam Coc

The rice fields ripen in the valley

The only way to visit is by boat