Twenty One Pilots is one of my very favorite bands! They are working with Creative Allies on a contest for poster designs to reflect their current album “Trench.” I made several designs to submit to the contest that I wanted to share.

Each design title also have the entry number and submission group where it can be found in the gallery of entries.

You can see more entries for the contest and vote for my designs by going to

Not Alone #7474 group 2301-2400

Sahlo Folina # 5853 Group 2801-2900

Clique Family #3369 group 4801-4900

Bandito Tree #3370 group 4801-4900

Daisy Compass # 2337 group 6001-6100

Chlorine Live Tape #1951 group 6001-6100

The Burrito Tour #2734 group 5601-5700