Cinni is a two-year-old red merle Border Collie living in Munich, Germany.

She was adopted at 8 months and is an advocate for giving a rescue dog a second chance to find a loving home instead of buying from a breeder.

Since I’m an animal photographer, I immediately started to take photos of Cinni after I adopted her. I noticed that she was especially photogenic and she grew to love it more and more and sits down to pose as soon as I take my camera out (there may be treats involved :P)! I’ve only had her for 1 1/2 years now and there are thousands of photos of her already.

 Cinni loves her frisbee, cuddling (when she is tired), running around like a manic and of course being photographed and getting treats for it!

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Winter wonderland

Smile and wave, smile and wave

Winter is coming

Cinni and her pumpkin

Twinkle, twinkle

Happy Birthday

Cinni and me

Frost suits her well

Heartbeat at my feet

Ice princess

Little Christmas elf

Snow devil

Sunflower love