Here is my favorite vacation spots. I visited these places with my family and also with my doodles…

These photos are from last 10 years and generally from the villages of different parts of the world. Prague, Istanbul, Anticoli Corrado, Hallstatt…

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Prague… My best city to have a small break. This is the famous “dancing house” or also known as “drunk house”. They are also called Fred & Ginger (famous dancers)

Siena, Italy. Nice small city at Toscany just before Palio race. Our cat is with us just sitting on the Palio arena

Hallstatt, Austria… One of the best villages in Europe. Near a sweet lake with a salt mine above

London… London. Please make a guess for the colored pub just behind us

Agean Sea at Turkey. Beautiful sea shores and also weird creatures. My son is riding one of them

Neuswanstein :) Magical place with nature and also with the history. You must join the tour in the castle because it is not only about history but also vision of their land lord

Kafka Museum, Prague. Silent, calm place for reading… Also you can meet with very famous artists like Bukowski

Salzburg, Austria. Silent, small city to get some rest and have some beer which is aged in a tequila barrel

Actually I was expecting for more but it is ok. Grand Canyon is nice, great landscape but that’s it. Sorry

Los Angeles airport… Just before landing… Weird friend is welcoming us

And and my dream town. Anticoli Corrado. This is the town which they took the movie “The Secret of Santa Vittoria”. Our plan with my wife was to visit this little town just 45 minutes away from Rome and we made it. We also had a little chat with old man who worked in the movie production team

Istanbul, my homeland. Sometimes the city is killing you sometimes making your life better… But one of the best city to have some good time

Vacation is a state of mind and actually my home is the best place… Now this is reading time