Every two year my company organize a family day when employees can bring familiars to visit the office. Mom was coming over so I decided to make her a surprise. Browsing ads, I noticed a guy selling her first car, a 1950 Fiat Topolino so it did seem legit at the time to call him to enquiry if he was available just to pick her up and bring at the event, and that was a deal. He was emotionated as well of such a gesture. To my surprise, he was quite young, the car inside was in pristine condition, I managed to get him at my house gate which is not visible from the windows, so I arrived inside her car when she was 18. I managed to have photos of the era. I did remember her one was black tough. Ill add them as soon as I get.

Car placed. I said her “get ready mom, Im going to take the car”

Her priceless reaction

Happy mom, happy son :)