Is there such a thing as a performance high for musicians? Or is it a myth? Music and editorial photographer Brandon Andersen shed some light on this question with his recent before-and-after series of musicians before and after they perform. None of them look too happy!

Granted, the size of the seven-musician sample is fairly small. Still, it’s interesting to see how every single one of them started out looking cool as a cat before the gig, only to emerge from their performance looking like they’ve had the wind beaten out of them or that they’re mad and ready to snap. The musicians were all part of the Vans Warped Tour.

Do we have any musicians among our readers who could share their experiences with us?

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Ryan from To The Wind

Keith from Every Time I Die

Nick from Vanna

Drew from Stray From The Path

Nick from Terror

Devin from The Color Morale

Davey from Vanna