I’m Alicia, the owner, and photographer at Alicia Marie Photography. My first love is children photography, which has expanded to include family and pet photography. Storytelling is the motivation for my work. I photograph what inspires me. My style is very classic, and I create and design every image as their own work of art.

Couture photography was born out of my love for all things big and poofy, sparkly and classic! I knew I wanted to try something “different”, all well staying in the city I was born and raised in. Couture photography is now a thriving part of my business and what most people know me for. When I say I do couture photography, most people say, “Omg are you the one who put my friend’s little girl in a big glamorous gown?!” Yep, that was me! Each time I meet someone new, more often than not, I end up working with them long term. Couture photography is something I never knew I needed when I began this journey, but now it’s something I can’t live without! Bring on the glam!

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