The Monstarot deck is designed to connect you to your inner child and to reach that innocence and absolute truth we all have inside us. It is a Tarot deck that can be used by Tarot readers of all levels, from beginners to advanced.

It was created by Joanna Nelson, a full time illustrator living in Napa Valley, CA. A long time fan of Tarot as a self help tool, she wanted to create a deck that, while serious, and faithful to Tarot, would deliver the messages with grace and kindness.

So, she spent the past year illustrating all 78 cards for the Monstarot deck – bringing to life a world of gentle micro-monsters, helpful bugs and fantastical, whimsical creatures such as bunny-flies and flynosaurs. It is a light hearted and compassionate world, not so very different from our own, but don’t be fooled by their cuteness…these are not naïve creatures to be ignored.

There are still harsh truths to be faced from time to time – the monsters manage to show us these with empathy. They live their lives with hope as a constant, and the aim of the Monstarot is to bring a little of the same into all of our lives

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