My name is Jalpa Shah, I’m a visual designer from Mumbai, India. Every Monday, I post an illustration or piece of typography on my page. Monday BLUdle, which started in an attempt to chase away the dreaded Monday blues. It’s an ongoing pet project. Since everyone has a Monday face, to give them a break from their daily routine I illustrate in a way that brings smile on their face. I want my piece of artwork should act as a stress buster to them. These doodles are all inspired by my daily experience of life.

Take the story behind the Shitty Selfie artwork: I was travelling in a local train once, when I saw people sitting on the railway track near Mahim with their backs to the train and pooping. To my surprise, as the train moved ahead, I saw a young man taking a selfie mid-poop!”

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Shitty Selfie

‘Gabru’ young punjabi man of Monday BLUdle family.

JUGNI – Gabru’s wifey!

State of mind when you observe a mid-week holiday!

The Navratri Purush.

Selfie Le Le man

Ambigram Wo-Man

Monsoon Monster

The Geometric man

Teri Maa Ka – Slang often said amongst the Mumbaikars!

The Amoeba man

Breakthrough man