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I Capture The Majestic Power Of Ocean Waves
User submission
Photography8 years ago

I Capture The Majestic Power Of Ocean Waves

My name is Warren Keelan and I take ocean photos. Growing up on the South East Coast of Australia I gained a real appreciation of the ocean and all its beauty and wonder. But it’s only in the last 4 years since picking up a digital camera, have I been able to dedicate my hours towards capturing what I feel are special moments in the sea.

I’m lucky where I live (Wollongong, NSW Australia) to have so many amazing and varied beaches and breaks to shoot, all of which boast unique characteristics and ‘personalities’ so to speak, producing all kinds of ocean wave shapes, textures, and colors – a real playground for ocean photography.

My favorite lens currently is Canon’s 70-200mm IS II 2.8, which was used in the majority of the images featured here, but I have also explored the realms of the 15mm Fisheye for underwater vortex and behind the wave images. I have also introduced a hand-held waterproof flash system into my work which adds a further dimension with a split level under/over shots.

More info: | Instagram | Facebook | 500px


The ocean is an ever changing environment, but over the years I have learnt what to look for and when.


I search out key elements such as crystal clear water, clean offshore waves, heavy reef breaks and crazy ocean light, but mostly I look for interesting or intriguing perspective.

Sea Hawk

I am very new to the world of ocean and nature photography, but after spending almost every day seeking huge waves with my camera I have been able to learn quickly how important light is and how to use it to portray the beauty of nature.


I work hard to make photographs that hopefully tell a story and leave an impression or feeling on the viewer. If it does, then I feel I have achieved something special.

Pastel Sunset

I really love what I do. Being able to create images and share what I see with others is a real privilege that I hope to be able to do for as long as I can.

Sea Dragon

After many years spent as a touring musician, turned web developer and photojournalist, I have settled on a creative outlet which turns the cogs in my mind.

Lucent Arc

I guess you could say it’s a healthy addiction, one that provokes and keeps me thinking.

Aquatic Elements

There’s always a new angle or perspective to discover.

Ocean Light



Silver Helix

Crystal Eye

 Dark Crest


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