Hi! My name is Monica Carvalho and I love creating surreal photomontages. I own all the photographs used in the photomontages, except from a few space images I took on Google (planet Earth, stars). The people in my photos are mostly me, but also friends and family. I use a lot of photographs I take on holidays and trips.

I am passionate about the impossible and achieving the perfect optical illusion. The titles of my photomanipulations are intended to confuse people even more and yield various interpretations.

More info: mofart.wordpress.com

#2 Terrace Guilt

Terrace Guilt


Dabria McGinnis 1 year ago

Hi geese!!!

#3 Buy Your Tickets Now

Buy Your Tickets Now


Loraine Mac 1 year ago

Mmmm ! How did you do this ?

#4 Department Of Radiology

Department Of Radiology


Denisse Erika Sinon 1 year ago

I'm dreaming of this <3 Lovely!

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#5 Athletic Crime

Athletic Crime


Loraine Mac 1 year ago

Wonderful ! Great Picture for my wall !

#6 Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea


Loraine Mac 1 year ago

This is me and chamomile tea - still in a turmoil, not relaxed !

#8 Sneeze Dance

Sneeze Dance


Shaheris Suhel 1 year ago

This is freaking me out. .

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#9 23 Tracks

23 Tracks


Albino Squirrel 1 year ago

Coming this summer! The tale of the SUPER DUCK! One duck, one city, ONE AMAZING POWER!