Ever wonder what it’s like to work at an ad agency? As many people may know, the life at an ad agency is always filled with stressful situations, brainstorming, head-scratching, deadlines, and clients. Earlier this year I decided to try to cope with my daily stress with a little exercise in creativity. I began telling the little stories and moments of our frustrations, struggle, escape, or ridiculousness on my Instagram and Tumblr accounts using miniature figures.

With the contrast of the figures and the reality and a little humor, our little moods and emotions that we hesitate to express manifest on the desk. The result was a visual diary of all the ups and downs many creative minds would experience in advertising.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how my photos strike a chord with many of my fellow ad professionals and the weekday cubicle warriors.

Lubricate for ideas

What a year!

Being an introvert at office holiday parties

Everyone’s back in the office. Now what?

Lunch line


Fetching the ideas

Clicking “send” too soon

Lunch break

Creative director

(Productivity) Fall


Business trip