My latest and biggest project – I gave my old Mini a new colorful life. Let me introduce: Mini THE ONE.

I painted the entire car using only a paintbrush.

How did it all begin?

One day I was looking at the cars on the street, all similar and dull, and the idea came to me: I could paint mine! I wanted it to be something unique, something no one else had done yet. I did some research and found a variety of wrapped or airbrushed cars but apparently not even one painted with a simple brush. Hmmm…

When I and my wife bought a new car, I decided to give it a go and revive our old Mini.

There was no plan, only a spare car and a will to try.

Neither was there a space, I had no equipment, not even a concept or idea how to start, as – at least not to my knowledge – no one had ever tried to use a car as canvas, making it a wheeled painting.

And so I began, only with a plan to incorporate the car’s shape into the painting on it.

I started with the bonnet, painting it after my work, on the street in front of my house, bemusing the passers-by with my brushes and paints. I used the acrylic ones which are quite susceptible to humidity so after each session I had to cover the car to protect it from rain and moisture.

The idea on how to paint the remaining parts came naturally, as if one thing had to lead to another. The whole process was not easy as I only got time after work and had to watch out for a rainy weather.

And so I made it … almost.

The final stage was to cover my work with a protective lacquer. After hours of searching, a few failed attempts, several layers of clear coat and lots of frustration, anger and helplessness, my work was finally finished.

I sort of felt like Dr Frankenstein saying to myself “It’s alive!”

I hope you enjoyed the story behind this one-of-a-kind car: Mini THE One.


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