Yeahh, the new Star Wars episode is almost here! Or if you reading this article after the release “Yeah, the new Star Wars episode is here!”

I am a big LEGO / SW fan and I love creating stories with these little figures. In this photo series, I created some unusual pictures about our favourite galaxy (after the Milky Way of course).

I try to take living and realistic photos with dynamism and real scenery. I’d like to introduce a different world. A miniature universe of LEGO.

Now You can see what’s happening with Star Wars characters during Christmas time!

There is some photos which include a little PS effect because I couldn’t avoid it, but basically I didn’t use Photoshop manipulation (of course the lightsabers are not real). I built the scenes indoor or chose a suitable place, for example in a park. I squirted water or blew smoke if it was necessary. I have written these details to photos which include manipulation (because the credibility and fairness are so important to me!). Pictures, where it’s not stated, don’t have any PS effects. The natural effects (like mud or smoke) are very complicated to make because it can’t be calculated what will happen. I spent many hours with each picture and the whole series took me more than two months to complete. You can also see some „How it’s made” photos.

Thanks to Kocka Birodalom (Brick Empire) LEGO shop their support with LEGO sets!

I hope you will like it!

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Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor on a Present Mission

The light rays are REAL, NOT a fake effect!

Familiar? When someone buy the last cool thing before you?

The glow of the light bulbs are Ps. But the light of the streetlamp is real. I created with a flashlight. And of course the other lights are real too!

Santa BB-8 Is Coming to Town…

I use an other image (my own photo of course) for the sky.


Jango and Boba. The Kid Has More Than Enough Holiday Mood…

Jingle Wings

“Feel The Christmas Power Around You!”

“Find The Presents Guys!”| “Okey!” – they said.

The lightsaber is fake haha…

Hoth Watch Has an Interesting Humor

Werk #1

Werk #2

Werk #3

Werk #4