When we talk about fashion photography we all know that it is a product of manufacture with little time of life, something comercial. Very few photographers have managed to bring fashion photography to the artistic field, and they are what we call legends today.

Big names like Helmut Newton, Amsel Adams and Richard Avedon come to our minds when we think about the immortals of photography.

Today we can say that the era of the photographer is booming. Thousands of new talents have arrived on the photographic scene to decorate the landscape thanks to the digital tools, but very few will be able to leave a mark through time. It is here that we find one of the new names that most likely belongs to the next generation of immortals.

Jvdas Berra is a young photographer from Latin America who has broken paradigms and stereotypes. His work goes beyond the mundane and commercial. His style and signature are full of life and texture, of magic and paganism, of fantasy and reality intermixed with feelings and melancholy, happiness and mystery. In his own words: "My photographs came from dreams and nightmares that visits me every night".

His work has been published in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Nylon among many more.

In only 5 years he has been able to position himself in the most important fashion and entertainment publications in the world. Forbes magazine has named him as the visual artist who breaks with the conventions of fashion photography in Latin America. E! Entertainment Television has placed him in the 4th position of the top 10 Latin photographers in the world, next to names like Mario Testino and Mariano Vivanco.

Welcome to the magic and fantastic world of Jvdas Berra, a true prodigy of photography. Enjoy it.

More info: jvdas.com

#1 Venus In The Sunlight

Venus In The Sunlight


#2 Drowning Princess

Drowning Princess


#3 Haunting Memories

Haunting Memories


#4 Desperate Hollywood Wife

Desperate Hollywood Wife


#5 Once Upon A Dream

Once Upon A Dream


#6 Duquevelez



#7 Aphrodite



#8 Nylon



#9 Pepuk Legend

Pepuk Legend


#10 Autumn For The Elephants

Autumn For The Elephants