Mary Ann Cuevas started painting at the age of 11. During high school she was part of Special Program in the Arts. She would later take up Fine Arts in a university in the Philippines but did not let dropping out of her studies keep her from pursuing her dream to become an artist. She is now a workshop facilitator doing demos for known brands. She gives back to society with her free workshops for out-of-school youths, street children and interested students where she shares her passion for doing portraits and painting watercolors.

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The artist

Apo Whang-Od, traditional tattoo artist in the Philippines

Some says that her artworks are likely Art Nouveau because it seems like it is inspired in natural forms.

Many criticizes her on how she uses watercolour for she uses wet on dry technique.

Her works are incredibly stunning!

PLUS she gives back to society…

She also accepts art commissions!

A part of what she earned doing art commissions will be donated to a year-end charity event in the Philippines.