Pip is the best cat a family could ever ask for! We adopted him since he was exactly 8-weeks old he had bought us joy every single day. Some days he likes to go out for walks on his leash or just find a good spot to bathe in the sun.

Weighing in at at 17 pounds, he’s become the best friend and teddy bear to his new tiny human. His new favorite hobby includes nap time with tiny human, all day, every day.

Pip was recently admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which is the thickening of the heart muscles making it harder for his heart to function properly and ultimately resulting in fluid build up in his lungs. He’s currently receiving treatments to help with is heart condition and to remove the excess fluids.

Please help us with prayers or a donation for his medical bills at his gofundme page. Help a little girl save her teddy bear!

More info: gofundme.com

Who doesn’t love a good chin scratch?

He loves his tiny human

Sometimes he’s a hipster

Sunbathing is the best

Real baths aren’t so great…

You know you had a good cat nap when your fur is all messed up

Ready for dinner!