About a year ago I brought a ball of happiness into my home and chose to name it Edgar.

For 10 years I had been pleading for a dog and the day finally came in the cold month of February 2017 when my dad said: “Teddie, I have a surprise for you!”

As we got into the car and drove to a house I had never been in before, my father told me that he and mum had finally agreed on buying me a dog. More particularly, a French bulldog:

a. because it will sleep all the time

b. because it is sweet and calm


c. because it is small and doesn’t have long fur.

You see, my parents are clean maniacs and cannot accept any being that may ruin their perfectly clean house, which is why, as we entered the house of Edgar and saw a little white

ball sleeping quietly, my father believed this cute Frenchie will not pose any treat to our house.

It is funny, however, because Edgar turned out to be the most hyperactive French bulldog that anyone has seen!

He is the sunshine of our family and even my little brother (Koki, 8 years old), who is afraid of dogs, loves him more than anything.

Edgar has now become a major part of our lives and we all adore him so much that me and my boyfriend(Georgi) thought to share the positivity, which Edgar spreads, with the world.

Enjoy watching a day in the life of Edgar!

We hope it made you smile (:


Teddie Vassileva and Georgi Martev

A Day In The Life of Edgar

Baby Edgar

just chilling with his best friend- a 25cm elephant[Ricko]

Edgar and Georgi

always kissing each other in front of me…

Edgar and Family

Edgar and his loving family just before New Year’s Eve!

Smiling Edgar

my sweet little devil

Happy Edgar

Really going for a rabbit this time