The BlanCat is a unique cat bed that provides endless soothing comfort for your anxious kitty. We’ve sent our product to foster kitten parents who find that the BlanCat offers mother-like comfort to kittens who are being raised without one. Whether kitten or adult, all cats are benefitting from the stress relieving qualities of the soft blanket – check out the cute-as-heck pictures below! So, what makes cats love their BlanCats so much?

The air pockets in the soft, fleece fabric of the blanket are designed to stimulate your cat’s natural kneading response. Cat Behaviorists believe that kneading is a behavior cats learn as a kitten when they paw on their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow. They carry this behavior into adulthood and love to purr while “blancatting”. The BlanCat provides your kitty with a comfy place to knead, additionally preventing them from digging their claws into your furniture. These photos of the BlanCat in action certainly speak for themselves!

More info:

BlanCat in action!

The BlanCat is amazing for foster kittens.

Snuggle time!

Tuggin away.

Caught in a trance.

It really brings out her eyes.