I’m a UK based photographer called Tracy Willis and I create artwork from many different shots taken both on my Canon 5D Mark III and my iPhone SE. I am always grabbing pictures of random things when I am out and about luckily my friends and family have gotten used to this.

The final images take many hours to create. I firstly have to think up the idea, build the story, I normally sketch it out and then I find the right subjects to photograph, I own 5 dogs, 2 rabbits, and 2 mice so have plenty of subjects at home, I can then borrow any extras I need such as the cat below. I have to photograph each element needed for the image as I don’t use any stock images and I have a very friendly local pet shop who also allow me to photograph all the animals and reptiles etc I may need such as the goldfish below.

Once I have these I then photograph the subject/s in my studio at home and then I spend days putting them together using Adobe Photoshop, the cat and goldfish bowl consisted of 83 layers in Photoshop. Sometimes the story changes as I develop the image, other times I create exactly what is in my head. These images allow me to expand my mind as a full-time photographer, be creative and free my mind.

More info: tracywillis.co.uk