Richmond Park is a massive green area in South West London I have long loved. Im also a big fan of all the BBC nature films and just wanted to make something in that field.

(pun intended).

So myself and my DP Alasdair Boyce borrowed and hired an old Arri Alexa and some long lenses and got up at stupid o’clock over 5 days and went and tried to capture the deer during ‘rutting’ season (mating season) when you occasionally see the large stags fighting over the females. We never really got the ‘money’ shot of two fully grown males going at it but instead captured a more rounded picture of their day to day lives living relatively harmoniously with thousands of punters on bikes, cars and playing sports- which resulted in the countless glorious moments that you can see here.

Afterwards I felt like offering a more personal take on these creatures, which i mixed with the more dry facts in the amazing motion graphics that Gustavo created in after effects and plexus. The whole project has taken about 3 years and thousands of hours, all self financed , but worth every penny and every minute.

More info:

Man & Beast: The Deer of Richmond Park