The world of children’s fairy tails can be seen in the vicinity of Poznań. Less than 30 km from the city centre by the Warta River there are huge old oak trees. In the early dawn, between night and day, the place is the one that I know from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights.

In spite of the fact that the city is close, the man may feel being in a different an uninhabited planet. The fog limits visibility. 500 years old oaks look like monsters, birds, dinosaurs and weird creatures. Imagination starts working and a man is afraid of his own shadow.

I like taking photos in Rogalin near Poznan. I visit this place once a year for many years. I always come back with some interesting photographs. Although, it is a small area, there are always new wonderful views and details worth to be photographed. Now you can see the results of my work. Welcome in Rogalin!

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