In his Living Clay series, Hong Kong-based Johnson Tsang uses masterfully crafted organic and fluid forms to bring otherwise mundane stoneware to life. The sculptor mixes ordinary crockery, traditional face sculpting and an expressive splashing motif to create sculptures that seem to be frozen in time.

Living Clay demonstrates Tsang’s extraordinary creativity, which leaves a lot of space for the viewer’s imagination. Emotions like dreaminess, love, confusion, sadness and indifference are all easily identifiable in his expressive clay sculpture faces. Yingge Ceramics Museum, which will be displaying Living Clay exhibition until 19th January, 2014, explain that the pieces “are satires of the human condition” and that “Tsang exemplifies the perfect marriage between ceramic form and meaning.”

Although a few of the works pictured below are not from the exhibit, they still fit perfectly with the exhibit’s fluid aesthetic. Be sure to check out the rest of this artist’s work on his blog!

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